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Wondering if the coin laundry business is right for you?

Would you like to be your own boss?

Are you willing to work hard to become successful?

Do you have that entrepreneur spirit that made this country great?

If you answered yes to the questions above then you are a great candidate to own a modern coin/card laundry.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What are some of the advantages of owning a Coin Laundry?

Coin/Card laundries are very simple easy to operate businesses. You provide a clean, comfortable and accessible location with coin/card operated equipment, hot and cold water at a reasonable price, the customers provide their own labor. There is no special training required.

Coin laundries have a very predictable income stream typically a coin/card laundry can generate approximately $100/SF per month in wash and dry income.

Coin/card laundries are a necessity for middle to low income people. Revenue does not fluctuate with the rise and fall of the economy. It generally gets better with a down economy.

Coin/card laundries lend themselves to absentee ownership.

The owner does not have to be there all the time. You can look at a coin laundry as an investment or part-time job. This means you can keep your current job or own multiple coin laundries.

What does it cost to buy a Coin Laundry?

Typically a laundry's value is a multiple of earnings and will very in each metropolitan area. Here in Georgia, coin/card laundries will sell between three to five times earnings. For example if you have a coin/card laundry that nets $50,000.00 per year, you should be able to sell the coin/card laundry at a price of $150,000 to $250,000.00. Factors that will ultimately determine the final sales price is: Length of lease, condition of equipment, ownership history and ease of financing.

How can I be sure of the sales and expense figures before I buy a Laundry? What about the lease on the premises?

Once you have made and offer and it has been accepted the offer will subject to your approval of the Sellers books, records and lease, this is called the "Due Diligence Period". You will also be present when the Seller does his collections during this period. You will be given copies of at least one year's water, electric and gas statements. All Wash - Dry - Fold Sales receipts and Dry Cleaning receipts if applicable.

Once you have completed the "Due Diligence" period you will have the option to continue to closing, adjust your offer or withdraw from the sale.

How much of my time is required to run a Coin/Card Laundry?

As an owner you want to be sure your laundry is clean, the vending machines and $ bill changer are full, and of course collect your money! There are many options:

  • Most owners visit the store several times a week.
  • Some check the laundry once a day.
  • Some owners choose to work the laundry during the week and hire part time staff for the weekend.
  • Most owners hire staff to open, close and clean the laundry.

Does someone need to attend the Coin Laundry all the time?

Laundries can be unattended, partially attended or fully attended.

Someone only needs to attend the Laundry if wash-dry-fold or drop-off dry cleaning services are offered.

No attendant is required for a self-service Coin Laundry.

Who handles equipment repairs at the Coin Laundry?

Typically when you buy a Coin Laundry all the equipment is in good working condition prior to the closing of the sale.

Most Coin Laundry owners use a repairman who is on call as needed and charges an hourly fee. Service contracts are rarely used.

Many owners do minor repairs themselves after watching and learning from their repairman. Also, many equipment distributors sell CD ROMS which show detailed maintenance and repair instructions for their machines. Georgia Laundry Brokers can provide you with names and phone numbers of reliable repairmen.

Why should I use a broker like Georgia Laundry Brokers to buy a Coin Laundry and who pays the sales commission?

Since we specialize only in existing Coin Laundries, we always have an inventory of Laundries for sale.

There is no charge to you as the Buyer. We are hired by the Seller to market their Coin/card laundry and our commission is paid by the Seller at the closing.

You get our experience and expertise and you will find us ready, willing and able to answer all your Coin Laundry questions.

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